sweet treats and healthy dessert options for all occasions

Sweet Spell Bakeshop was established in 2011 by Johanna Bautista with the goal of providing delicious but healthy, homemade sweet treats to the Greater Toronto Area. 

Johanna is a Toronto based dessert chef.  Enrolled in the Baking Arts program at George Brown College, her experience includes cakes, bars & squares, cookies, breads, pies and pastry. She is skilled in making classic favourites such as brownies, cookies or strawberry shortcakes to creating intricate desserts and fantastical themed cupcakes.  

With the changing food landscape, Sweet Spell Bakeshop is dedicating itself to changing the face of desserts and proving that even sweet treats can be made healthy.  Gluten-free and reduced sugar options are high on the priority list in this bakeshop!

Sweet Spell Bakeshop prides itself on keeping the homemade feel to its products.  Everything is made from scratch using simple and fresh ingredients, no pre-made mixes or preservatives here.  Small batches ensure freshness and quality.  Everything is made to order.  

Why the name Sweet Spell Bakeshop?  After taking one bite, you'll close your eyes and find yourself entranced in a Sweet Spell! ‚Äč